Cal's Unofficial BCS fix-it program

Cal's solution is a 10 game season. The first three games are pre-season or non-tournament games. This gives all teams a chance to play their intra-state rivals, i.e. Iowa vs. Iowa State, USC vs. Notre Dame, etc. Pre-season games do not factor in at all into the national champion. Pre-season games can be played after the tournament season, i.e. Army vs. Navy can be their last game instead of their first.

After 3 pre-season weeks begins the 7 game tournament season. The first week, all conference teams will be paired against another team in their conference; independent teams will play each other. The following weeks, a Team with 0 losses will always play against another 0 loss team. Teams with losses will play against other teams in their conference or teams in their region. This is done to lessen travel distances. No team will play against the same team more than once. When matchups are made, the home team will be the team with fewest home games thus so far.

Benefits: First and foremost, this plan solves the BCS problem because at the end of the season there is a definite champion: one team with a perfect 7-0 record. Second, there will still be lots of conference play and even conference champions, the team with the most conference wins.
Drawbacks: A team might not get to play every team in its conference. There is no set schedule; fans do not know where their team plays next. This is similar to any championship tournament, in that, fans do not buy tickets until they know if their team is continuing or not.

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