Rule Book: Cal's Monster Football

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The game consists of one (1) play/down. A play lasts until: ballcarrier is tackled, touchdown, turnover, or incomplete pass. A play is made up of turns. The coaches for each team alternate turns; offense starts first. In a turn a coach can move each of his/her players in any order. When finished the coach should press the End Turn button.

Each player has a status. Status has 3 general types: good, normal, and bad. Good is "hyper" which allows the player to perform better. Normal is listed as "okay" or "ball". Bad status comes from over exertion, which is usually from blocking; they are "stressed", "fatigued", "taxed", and "dog tired". Offensive players can also be "held" or "stunned". Defensive players can be have bad statuses like "blocked" and "ko'd". Players from either team can have the worst status: "dead".

Each player has five (5) attributes: player position, speed, strength, pads, and agility. Player position determines his/her special abilities (see below). Speed is the number of spaces a player can move in a turn. Strength is used to make blocks, stiff arm, and tackle. Pads protects the player from attacks of the defenders. Agility allows a player to avoid pass coverage, avoid tacklers, catch and thrown balls.
The levels of speed are (1-6): slow, medium, quick, very fast, road runner, and warp speed.
Levels of strength are: waif, weak, push over, normal, burly, strong, very strong, super human, the hulk, and move mountains.
Levels of pads are : none, jock strap, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hard foam, plastic, aluminum, tin, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.
Levels of agility are: two left feet, super klutz, clumsy, not balanced, regular, jumper, swan, dancer, gazelle, high wire, and weeble wobble.

All players have the ability to move and some have special abilities. In many instances a player can attempt a special abitity at anytime during their movement. A player's special abilities are related to that player's position.
Offensive Players Special Abilities:
Many player can Block: can push a player and hold him for a turn.
Quarterback (QB): Handoff - give ball to RB or WR with no chance of fumble. Pass - can throw the ball to a WR or RB.
Running Back (RB): Stiff arm - can knock down a would-be tackler. Spin - change places with tackler.
Full Back (FB): Block. Dive - lower head and blast through defenders.
Tight End (TE): Block. Push off - get away from defender.
Wide Receiver (WR): Dodge - can slip away from a pass defenders. Leap - right over the top of defenders.
Lineman (LM): Block. Pancake - can Knock Out a defender but the LM risks missing the block entirely.

Defensive Players Special Abilities:
All defensive player can Tackle the ball carrier.
Defensive End (DE): Spin - change places with Lineman.
Defensive Tackle (DT): Crush - push blocker back.
Inside Linebacker (ILB): Slash - at opponent's pads to damage them.
Outside Linebacker (OLB): Clip - injure an opponent to slow him.
Defensive Back (DB): Grab - hold/interfere with receiver.
Strong Safety (SS): Blitz - additional movement in backfield.

************** Using the GAME INTERFACE: **************
Click on your team's player to choose/select that player.
Move mouse over any player, human or monster, to see the stats of that player.
Click End Turn after you've moved/actioned all your players so the Monsters can take a turn.
Click Refresh if there is a problem with hidden players on the field.
Click View Rules to open another window of these rules.
Click Quit Game to leave the game.

To Move: 1. click on player; 2. click on empty spot; 3. click on Move button.
To Handoff: 1. click on a RB or WR; 2. click on your QB; 3. click on Handoff button.
To Pass:

To Tackle: 1. click on ballcarrier; 2. click on tackler; 3. click on Tackle button.

Origin of Monster Football. Cal created MFL in highschool when he was given a set of painted D&D figures: half were heroes and half were monsters. Cal wasn't much into D&D so he drew a grid and played football with them. He made lots of rules but unfortunately no one liked his game. Later in college a fellow student and Cal played MFL a great bit; a complete game took several hours over several weeks. Years later Cal learned about WarHammer's Blood Bowl. This has D&D teams: dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. In early 2004, after many programming classes at Kirkwood, Cal decided to make his own computer game. He decided the best way to get people to play the game was to have it accessible on his webpage. Because of this the game had to be written in JavaScript, unfortunately, this is the language at which Cal is least experienced.

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