Cal's halloween photos

the red devil
Worship me!(1990)

vikes viking nfl
All-Pro at age 5 (mid 1970's)

DC Green Lantern
The Green Lantern has a broken heart (1996)

Cal Chop Ninja in action
Stealthy ninja with black belt and red shoes (1997)

Star Wars Han Solo
Blasters don't kill people, people kill people

Cal as Spidey
Sticky fingers (around 1980)

Scooby Dooby Do
Shaggy and Scooby, the shirt was green (1999)

Cleaning Bang!
Cleaning that trigger (2000)

Skipped midterms and flunked shampoo!
Beauty-school dropout. Go back to highschool. (2001)

Die, Runner!
Can you name this obscure sci-fi movie character (2002)

Doc Ock doctor octopus spidey spider-man
Look out (2009) Doctor Octopus

Ghost images
Ghost images (1970s) Cal is on the left

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