Cal's comic books he made as a kid

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Space Coock's Cops and Godzilla vs. Martian

My oldest comic book. Drawn in elementary school at age 8 or 9. And it is a double-feature. Funny dogs as space cops versus evil aliens and their robots. Then Godzilla versus some huge alien from a UFO.
Fighting Force

My first super hero comic. Drawn on large 14x17 paper. I was probably age 10 or 11. The heroes are knock-offs of Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, Black Panther, Beast, Quick Silver and the villains are Darth Vader rip-offs. My armoured version of the Beast is stolen directly from Avengers 186 (1979). And the enemy space rock is Magneto's Asteroid M from X-Men 125.
Young super hero sketches

Not a comic book. Just some super hero and super villain drawings at a young age. Lots of Marvel rip offs: Green Arrow and Electro and Ironman. The last page has my obvious rip off of the Guardians of the Galaxy (1980s version).
Robin Hood #1

Drawn at age 10 it was my rip off of the Green Arrow. RH fights a cross between the Green Goblin and an obscure Marvel villain named the ringer. In addition, guest appearance by my rip off of Shang-Chi from Marvel's Master of Kung Fu. Note that the first 6 pages do not have space between the panels. Real amateur hour. Most embarrassing are the obvious re-draws of more muscular bodies, ie. first panel of page 4 and the last panel of page 15.
Robin Hood #2

Drawn the following year at age 11. RH2 has a close-up cover I am real proud of, and more angle shots not seen in the earlier issue. The Glob beats up on RH and we are introduced to the Disguiser (rip off of Chameleon from Spider-Man) and some mystery woman. More embarrassing re-draws, just look at the third and fourth panels of page 12.
Robin Hood #3

And finally the conclusion of the epic saga. Probably drawn sometime in junior high. My drawing finally progressed with this comic. More muscular-defined characters and lots of detail and shading. And more rip offs. The Death Droids are Maggia Dreadnoughts from Ironman. Water hitting the electro-arrow is borrowed from Ironman 126 (1979). Alan Moore also used it in Watchmen (1986) when Rorschach is in prison.
Super Cell #1

Super Cell was my first attempt at a humorous comic book. And he is not really a rip off like nearly all my comics. Just a Superman parody. I was fairly young when I started Super Cell, then I put it aside for a few years, then came back and finished it. You can see the difference between pages 4 and 5.
Dungeons & Dragons

A quick little four-page comic with no cover. Meant to be suspenseful, but with a funny ending. I drew it in junior high and is full of non-stop action. The idea for this comic is from the Dungeons & Dragons ads that were in Marvel comics in the early 1980s. I really loved those ads and I have them here on my website.
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