Cal's Franchise Fantasy Football rules
Premise: You have been given a new franchise by the NFL.
You need players, but you can't just grab anyone you want.
You can only select players in this years college draft,
and current NFL players that switched teams as a free agent or trade.
If you sign a player to a multi-year deal, then you get that player back the next year.
But if you cut him, you might still have to pay him.
Rule 1: Commissioner
FFF owners will elect a Commissioner. Commissioner will resolve all disputes between FFF Owners. Commissioner is the final judge in any interpretation of the rules. Commissioner will keep track of all rosters and contracts. Commissioner will prepares lists of available players.

Rule 2: Roster
FFF Owners can only have twenty (20) active players on a team. An owner may have more players that are inactive, ie. cut players he is still paying for.
There at eleven (11) playing or starting positions. Offense: QB 1, RB 1, WR 2, TE 1, Kicker, extra. Defense: DLM 1, LB 1, DB 1, extra.
FFF Owner may cut a player at any time. Even during the draft or free agency.

Rule 3: Salary Cap.
Salary cap is $50 million a season. Any money not spent that season is wasted; there is no carry over from season to season. All contracts are for 1 to 4 years.

Rule 4: Keepers.
FFF Owners get all the players they had the year before, unless that player's contact expired or the owner cut or traded that player. A player traded between real NFL teams does not affect ownership. The FFF contract determines ownership.

Rule 5: Owners Meeting.
An Owners Meeting will happen after the real NFL draft and before the first game of the real season. Owners Meeting has six phases: select commissioner, cutting players, college draft, franchise tags, free agency, and guaranteed money.

Rule 6: College Draft.
Order will be similar to that of the NFL: champion picks last, runner-up picks second to last, others in reverse order of win-loss record.
FFF college draft players have a set salary and minimum time period of 4 years. FFF first round: $3 million, FFF second round: $2 million, FFF third round and thereafter $1 million. The actual real NFL round a player comes from does not affect this. Any college players not FFF drafted become free agents.

Rule 7: Available NFL players.
Besides college players the only other NFL players available are players that have switched teams; either through trade or free agency. If an FFF owner cuts a player, then that player may be picked up by new owner that season. If the player is not picked up that season, then he become unavailable until he switches real NFL teams.

Rule 8: Free Agency.
Free Agency occurs after the draft. An owner will declare a player he wants with a salary and time period. If no other owner has a higher offer then the player is won by that owner. A higher offer is based on the total amount of the contract.
Example: $4 million for 2 years is $8 million total, but $3 million for 3 years is higher at $9 million total. However, $4 million for 2 years with a signing bonus is the highest at $10 million. League minimum is $1,000,000 a year for all free agents.

Rule 9: Trading.
FFF owners may trade (players or draft picks) at any time. The new owner must accept the contract of the previous owner. The salary may not be lowered, and the length (years) may not lowered, however, the years may be lengthened.

Rule 10: Signing bonus.
If an owner cuts a player before his contract expires then the owner must still pay half of his salary. However, if a signing bonus was paid then the owner owes nothing more. The cost of a signing bonus is always half of one year's salary. Signing bonus is paid in addition to the first years salary.

Rule 11. Guaranteed Money.
If an owner has extra money he may pay part of next years salary for any player. This is the only way an owner can carry money over to the next year. This must be declared at the owners meeting.

Rule 12: Franchise Tag
Each FFF Owner gets one Franchise Tag to assign to a player on his team that had his contact expire. The salary of a franchise tag is equal to the average of the highest salaries at that position. A franchise tag must be placed on a player before the free agency phase of the Owners Meeting.

Rule 13: In-season roster additions
When adding players after the Owners Meeting the Commissioner will email all owners the new free-agency offer an owner has made on an unselected player. If no other owner has a higher counter offer within 48 hours, that owner gets his player.

Rule 14: In-season roster cuts
If an owner cuts a player during the NFL season and that player started any games and earned any points that season then the owners owes a full-season salary for that player. Signing bonuses do not affect this. "He plays, you pay." A signing bonus would mean the owner pays nothing for that player the following season.

Cals Marion Mudhens
Phils Dike Fireflies
Shanes Omaha Buffetts



Brads Ames Stiffwinds
Brads Ames Stiffwinds
Brads Ames Stiffwinds
Keiths Austinville Elevators
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Cal's FFF history

Inagural 2015 season

2015 College draft no.1 picks
1. Dike, QB Jameis Winston, FSU (1)
2. Omaha, QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon (2)
3. Ames, WR Amari Cooper, Alabama (4)
4. Marion, RB Todd Gurley, Georgia (10)

2015 Most expensive free agents
$5 million, TE Owen Daniels, Dike
$5 million, RB Demarco Murray, Ames
$5 million, DL, Ndomka Suh, Ames
$4 million, RB Ray Rice, Marion

TEAM, reg 2015 season record, CHAMPION:
Dike Fireflies (Phil), 6-8, champion
Marion Mudhens (Cal), 4-10, runner-up
Ames Stiffwinds (Brad), 10-4
Omaha Buffetts (Shane), 8-6

2016 season

The league expanded to five teams.
Plus one dummy team, Detroit Lions.

2016 College draft no.1 picks
1. Austinville, QB Carson Wentz, NDS (2)
2. Omaha, QB Jared Goff, Cal (1)
3. Ames, RB Ezekiel Elliott, OSU (4)
4. Marion, DE Joey Bosa, OSU (3)
5. Dike, RB Derrick Henry, Arkansas (45)

2016 Most expensive free agents
$5 million, QB Dak Prescott, Austinville
$4 million, QB Brock Osweiler, Ames
$3 million, WR Marvin Jones, Omaha

TEAM, reg 2016 season record, CHAMPION:
Austinville Elevators (Keith) 4-10, champion
Ames Stiffwinds (Brad), 10-4, runner up
Dike Fireflies (Phil), 8-6
Omaha Buffetts (Shane), 8-6
Marion Mudhens (Cal), 6-8

2016 FFF All-Pro
QB Austinville Dak Prescott (Dal) 369
RB Ames Ezekiel Elliott (Dal) 287
WR Marion Michael Thomas (NO) 137
TE Austinville Martillus Bennett (NE) 89
K Marion Mike Nugent (Cin) 139
DB Omaha Landon Collins (NYG) 297
LB Dike Benardrick McKinney (Hou) 233
DL Austinville Malik Jackson (Jax) 154

2017 season

Beth took over the Buffetts, moving the team from Omaha to Fairfield.
This year's dummy team, Cinci Bengals.

2017 College draft no.1 picks
1. Marion, S Jamal Adams, LSU (6)
2. Fairfield, RB Leonard Fournette LSU (4)
3. Dike, TE OJ Howard, Alabama (19)
4. Ames, DE Myles Garrett, Texas AM (1)
5. Austinville, RB Chris McCaffrey, Stanford (8)

2017 Most expensive free agents
$3 million, WR Alshon Jeffery, Fairfield
$2 million, QB Jay Cutler, Ames
$2 million, TE Jared Cook, Ames

TEAM, reg 2017 season record, CHAMPION:
Marion Mudhens (Cal), 10-4, champion
Dike Fireflies (Phil), 9-5, runner up
Ames Stiffwinds (Brad), 9-5
Fairfield Buffetts (Beth), 6-8
Austinville Elevators (Keith), 6-8

2017 FFF All-Pro
QB Austinville Carson Wentz (Phi) 379
RB Marion Todd Gurley (LAR) 293
WR Fairfield Juju Smith (Pit) 129
TE Marion Evan Engram (NYG) 89
K Fairfield Robbie Gould (SF) 161
DL Marion Joey Bosa (SD) 175
LB Ames Eric Kendricks (Min) 212
DB Fairfield Landon Collins (NYG) 208

2018 season

All five owners attend owner's meeting.
Beth's team renamed Nightingales.
This year's dummy team, Indy Colts.

2018 College draft no.1 picks
1. Austinville, RB Saquon Barkley, Penn St. (2)
2. Fairfield, RB Sony Michel, Georgia (31)
3. Ames, DE Bradley Chubb, NC State (5)
4. Dike, skip
5. Marion, skip

Other notable draftees:
Ames, QB Baker Mayfield, OK (1)
Marion, QB Sam Darnold, USC (3)
Dike, QB Josh Allen, Wyoming (7)
Austinville, QB Josh Rosen, UCLA (10)

2018 Most expensive free agents
$3 million, QB Kirk Cousins, Dike
$3 million, TE Jimmy Graham, Dike
$2 million, LB Khahil Mack, Ames

TEAM, reg 2018 season record, CHAMPION:
Austinville Elevators (Keith), 11-3, champion
Marion Mudhens (Cal), 11-3, runner up
Ames Stiffwinds (Brad), 7-7
Dike Fireflies (Phil), 4-10
Fairfield Buffetts (Beth), 4-10

2018 FFF All-Pro
QB Ames Deshawn Watson (Hou)419
RB Marion Todd Gurley (LAR) 294
WR Marion Michael Thomas (NO) 145
TE Austinville Eric Ebron (Ind) 132
K Austinville Jason Myers (NYJ) 146
DL Dike Deforest Buckner (SF) 169
LB Marion Darius Leonard (Ind) 331
DB Marion Jamal Adams (NYJ) 242