Cal's review of
The Arrow (2012) on The WB

First off let's make it clear that I hate The WB. Their show The Vampire Diaries makes me wanna puke. It's 90210 meets Twilight. Smallville was always soap opera talking before superhero action. Smallville would tease you with superhero cameos but Superman only fought 2-3 super villains a handful of times in it's ten seasons. That's horse shit.

With this, I went into "The Arrow" with low expectations. I'm a fan of Green Arrow (GA). One of the first comics I ever owned was a Mike Grell "Green Lantern Green Arrow" from 1976. GA was hokey in those days, but then he got a rough edge in the late 80s. The WB's GA is very edgy.

I'll give the premiere a grade of C. Decent graphics and lots of action. It tries to have some mystery and emotion, but it is all too stereotypical. It's just been done some many times already. A tortured man and tortured soul with a mission for justice. A jilted old girl friend. A rift between the hero and a sibling. Betrayal by a parent. An old friend that wants him to relax. etc, etc.

And The WB's GA is not DC's GA. DC's GA could be a renegade/maverick. At odds with Superman or the rest of the Justice League. He didn't trust the US Govt and committed acts of terrorism. As well as a hot head, he was also flamboyant. He fought crime with his sexy girlfriend by his side and later did not hide his identity.

The WB's GA is actually Batman. He's a rich kid. Father's dead. Was gone overseas for a while and is back and on a mission to rid his city of crime. Hides in the shadows. Excellent fighter but still uses technology and gadgets. He even has a trusted maid, like Bruce Wayne had his butler. Driven and focused with no girlfriend nor love interest in site. Pretends to be a partying playboy to hide his secret identity. Instead of a cave, his HQ is in an old dirty warehouse. Give him a cool car and he is a green Batman.

The redeeming quality that keeps it from an F is potential. In the first five minutes there is a reference to the villain Deathstroke and episode 2 suggests he'll meet another superhero/villain. That's already two more superpowered characters than Smallville had in it's entire Season 1. And GA's flashbacks keeps another storyline going regarding his father and "what really happened on the island."

Another complaint, the title should be "Green Arrow" but I guess The WB wants to distance itself from the flopped Green Lantern movie.

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