Cal's review of
The Watchmen (2009)

I give it an A. The best superhero movie I've seen. I think it's better than Ironman. And I'm not being biased, because I was never in love with the Watchmen comics.

PROS (many):

1. Demographics. Like Ironman, the movie is for adults. Not for children. Some people told me it had too much violence. Yeah, maybe Rorasch chopping the guy in the head was a little gory but there are alot worse movies out there. It wasn't anymore bloody than the Lord of the Rings movies. It might be the first comic movie with real sex and nudity.

2. In Synch. It stuck to the comics really well. The changes were necessary ones. And I think the changes actually made the movie better than the comics. Like the ending having the world's mutual threat being Dr. Manhattan instead of some big ugly alien. The comic story was 12 issues long and so I thought the movie would have to cut out lots and lots. But they didn't. The movie had alot of content. Ticket-buyers got their money's worth.

3. Deep Characters. This is what made it a great movie all around. After the movie I was saying, "Why can't Batman be more like Rorasch? Why can't Wolverine be more like The Comedian?" Each character had his/her unique personality. Dr. Manhattan's detached nature. Night Owl's slight timidness. __ yearning for love and to be a hero again. Altho I thought Os could have been more arrogant. I wanted to see him scream "I did it!" at the end, like in the comics.

4. Comic History. CONS:

Dr. Manhattan nudity. Not because I'm a homophobe, but because I felt like they were restricting alot of their shots of him to be from the waist up because he was naked. Like they have to do with muppets. Giving him some pants would not have hindered his character.

Too much time. The Comedian was 67? Did Rorasch look 40? Comic books run into this problem all the time, like Nick Fury and Reed Richards fighten in WWII, so they must be in their 80's by now. They could have had the Minutemen begin in the 1950's, instead of 1940.

Too tough. The Watchmen comics were supposed to be the "close to realism" comic series. No unbelieveable heroes like Superman, Green Lantern, Hulk, Spiderman. Yet the movie went a little overboard with Night Owl and __ beating up 10+ thugs at a whack.

Say what? I thought O__ explanation of his master plan at the end was not clear enough. People who had not read the comics might have been confused.

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