Dozens of plot similarities of Star Wars (1977) and Force Awakens (2015)

Note: Below the Empire and New Order are interchangeable
as are also the Rebellion and the Resistance.

An Empire attack on or near a desert planet.
The attack consists of numerous storm troopers and a dark Sith lord.
A prominent rebel is captured.
But a droid with important data escapes.
The Empire wants that data.

The main hero/heroine is a kid living on the desert planet,
with no parents, thinks of himself/herself is a great pilot.
The hero zooms around the desert in/on a sand speeder.
This hero is played by a new unknown actor/actress.

When we see the main Jedi of the film, he/she is masked/hooded.

The droid with important data is captured by a scavenger
but soon becomes a companion of the main hero.

The hero meets a former soldier that hates the Empire.
The Empire attacks/chases them.
They escape with the droid in the Millennium Falcon.

The Millennium Falcon is captured inside a larger ship/station.
At some point the main hero, Han Solo, and Chewey
are threatened by a slimy monster with tentacles.
The Millennium Falcon escapes and the four heroes eventually make it to a rebel base.
The droid reunites with its owner, the prominent rebel that had been captured earlier.
A hero in a storm trooper uniform had helped that rebel escape from the Empire.

An older hero gives the young hero a light sabre once owned by Anakin or Luke Skywalker.

The Millennium Falcon is chased by Tie Fighters but they are destroyed by the Falcon's turret guns.

At some point one of the heroes says a fight with the Empire is fruitless and wants to run.
But that hero comes back to fight the Empire.

The Empire has a weapon that can destroy a planet
and a plan is made to attack this weapon with insider information.

A hero uses force mind powers to sneak around the Empire's weapon.

The dark Sith lord can sense the force powers in the main hero.

There is a light sabre battle between a Jedi and the dark Sith lord.
The dark Sith lord kills an old hero who he knows well but has not seen in years.
As soon as the hero is killed, a friend of the hero starts shooting
but is driven away by storm trooper laser fire.

The older hero that dies is played by a well-known actor.
Decades before this actor played in a WWII movie that focused on the destruction of a bridge used by the axis.

A weakness in the Empire's weapon is utilized to destroy the weapon.
But in the next movie, the Empire comes back and kicks the Rebellion's butt.

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