Star Wars book - The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot - 1979

Chewey gets his medal

star wars millenium falcon r2-d2 mystery of the rebellious robot

star wars planet moon

star wars millenium falcon planet space

star wars chewbacca r2-d2 han solo play cards

star wars chewbacca r2-d2

star wars chewey han solo millenium falcon

star wars c3-p0 millenium falcon x-wing fighter

star wars millenium falcon x-wing fighter pilot

star wars millenium falcon luke han solo chewey r2-d2 c3-p0

star wars chewbacca robot technicians tatooine

star wars meeting room captain egoreg han chewbacca leia c3-p0

star wars explosion han chewey c3-p0

star wars red r2 unit c3-p0 r2-d2

star wars jawa r2-d2 c3-p0

star wars jawa chewey han r2-d2 c3-p0

star wars chewey chewbacca jawa

star wars chewbacca gets medal leia


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