Cal's Blood Bowl Highlights
Blood Bowl is a turn based game where fantasy "dungeon & dragons" type characters play football against each other. Each team get 8 turns per half. The computer game is based on the board game of the same name. The teams have many races: human, dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. Here are the list of teams:
Champions of Death - dead and undead: skeletons, vampires, mummies, ghouls
Darkside Cowboys - dark elves
Dwarf Giants - dwarves
Elfheim Eagles - high elves
Gouged Eye - orcs, trolls
Greenfield Grasshuggers - halflings, hobbits
Reikland Reavers - humans
Underworld Creepers - sewer rats, skaven
A team would earn money from winning games and this money could be used to hire/draft free agents. Like real-world football, many players get injured during a game of Blood Bowl. If you are lucky, you will kill an opponent's players.
The players can score only touchdowns worth 1 point; there are no field goals, safeties, or extra points. The basic stragedy of the game is simple: (1) on offense put the ball in the hands of the most agile, get fast players down field to catch a pass, run behind your strong blockers, running is safer than passing; (2) on defense just surround the player with the ball and try to jar it loose with your tougher players, also try to knock opposing players out of bounds because they suffer more lethal injuries.
I played several seasons as the undead team, "Champions of Death". Most of their players are slow and unskilled but because they were undead they could not be killed. Therefore I always had a full team. Here are my results:

FIRST SEASON: Ramatut leads the league
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
4.Elfheim2-0drafted vampire Luthor Von
5.Greenfield2-01 kill
6.Darkside3-0132 yards rushing, 15 blocks
7.Creepers2-11 kill, 23 blocks, 1 int.
8.Elfheim1-023 blocks, 78 yds rushing, drafted vampire Fang Batwing
P.Creepers2-01 kill, 23 blocks
P.Dwarf4-0110 yds rushing, 1 int., drafted minator Gore Throatgouger
C.Reikland2-01 kill, 21 blocks, 107 yds rush

League Leaders (first season):
Luthor: 33 blocks (3rd in league)
Ramatut: 2 kills(1st), 87 blocks (1st)
Shadow, Quietus, Brittle: 5 TDs (1st tie)
(Needle and Decadent drafted in off season)

SECOND SEASON: Fang leads offense, Gore crushes defense
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield2-01 kill, 47 blocks
2.Darkside2-02 kills, 114 rushing, 33 blocks
3.Creepers2-02 kills, 117 rushing, 41 blocks
4.Elfheim2-02 kills, 78 rushing, 48 blocks
5.Greenfield3-02 kills, 103 rushing, 44 blocks
6.Darkside3-01 kill, 110 rushing, 35 passing, 44 blocks
7.Creepers0-1I let computer play for me and look what happended
8.Elfheim2-01 kill, 33 blocks, 1 int.
P.Darkside3-03 kills, 132 rushing, Darkside started 2nd half with only 8 players
C.Dwarf3-0139 yds rush, 2/2 passing
League Leaders (second season):
Fang: 17 TDs (1st), 2 ints. (1st), 660 yds rushing (4th)
Gore: 9 kills (1st), 107 blocks (1st)
Luthor: 38 blocks (4th)
Ramatut: 3 kills (2nd), 83 blocks (2nd)

THIRD SEASON: Fang and Solanum lead rushers
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield3-01 kill, 124 yds rushing, 48 blocks
2.Darkside4-0189 yds rushing
3.Creepers2-0110 yds rushing, 38 blocks
4.Elfheim3-02 kills, 114 yds rushing, 32 blocks
5.Greenfield5-099 yds rushing, 43 blocks
6.Darkside4-0203 yards rushing, 23 blocks, 2/2 passing
7.Creepers1-0142 yds rushing, 32 yds passing, 41 blocks
8.Elfheim2-1Overtime, 174 yds rushing, 41 blocks
P.Creepers4-0 174 yds rushing, 3/3 for 64 yds passing
C.Reikland1-028 blocks, opponent had only 17 yds offense

League Leaders (third season):
Fang: 16 TDs (1st), 1 int (3rd), 567 yds rushing
Gore: 2 kills (1st), 118 blocks (1st)
Ramatut: 1 kill (2nd), 85 blocks (2nd)
Solanum: 8 TDs (2nd), 435 yds rushing
Ended the season with $819,000

FOURTH SEASON: Luthor's passing arm gets going
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield3-11 kill, 29 blocks, 2/4 passing for 32 yds
2.Darkside2-01 kill, 85 yds rushing, 1 pass for 28 yds
3.Creepers3-01 kill, 31 blocks, 110 yds rushing, 4/5 passing for 46 yds
4.Elfheim2-03 kills, 26 blocks, 3/7 passing for 57 yds
5.Greenfield3-01 kill, 2/3 passing for 39 yds
6.Darkside2-11 kill, 207 yds rushing
7.Creepers3-03 kills, 128 yds rushing, 32 blocks, 3/5 passing for 28 yds
8.Elfheim1-0Overtime, defensive battle, 19 blocks, 28 yds rushing
P.Creepers1-0bad weather, 33 blocks
P.Champions1-0I had to play against my own team

League Leaders (fourth season):
Fang: 9 TDs (1st tie), 1 int (3rd tie)
Gore: 5 kills (1st), 77 blocks (1st)
Luthor: 14 completions (1st), 1 kill (3rd tie)
Needle: 3 TDs (3rd tie)
Ramatut: 2 kills (2nd), 58 blocks (2nd)
Solanum: 9 TDs (1st tie)

FIFTH SEASON: Solamun breaks out, Chintro on a frenzy
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield2-01 kill, 41 blocks, 107 yds rushing, 2/2 passing for 32 yds
2.Darkside2-074 yds rushing, 19 blocks, 1 pass for 39 yds
3.Creepers2-01 kill, 57 yds rushing
4.Elfheim2-071 yds rushing, 2 ints, 2/2 passing for 42 yds
5.Greenfield3-01 kill, 103 yds rushing, 4/4 passing for 42 yds
6.Darkside3-01 kill, 92 yds rushing, 1 pass for 17 yds
7.Creepers3-02 kills, 47 blocks, 2/3 passing for 32 yds
8.Elfheim2-1Overtime, 2 kills, 167 yds rushing, 34 blocks
P.Darkside2-01 kill, 107 yds rushing
P.Champions0-0played my own team again

League Leaders (fifth season):
Chintro: 3 kills (1st)
Fang: 7 TDs (2nd)
Gore: 104 blocks (1st), 1 kill (4th tie)
Luthor: 12 completions (4th)
Ramatut: 2 kills (2nd), 82 blocks (2nd)
Solanum: 12 TDs (1st)
Ended the season with $2.2 million

SIXTH SEASON: the season of Gore; Solanum unstopable
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield3-02 kills, 128 yds rushing, 54 blocks
2.Darkside3-1121 yds rushing, 27 blocks
3.Creepers3-096 yds rushing, 42 blocks
4.Elfheim1-01 kill, 40 blocks, 103 yds rushing, 1 pass for 17 yds
5.Greenfield1-0121 yds rushing, 36 blocks
6.Darkside1-099 yds rushing, 23 blocks
7.Creepers3-01 kill, 128 yds rushing, 37 blocks
8.Elfheim1-01 kill, 48 blocks
P.Darkside2-01 kill, 30 blocks, 67 yds rushing
P.Dwarf3-01 kill, 107 yds rushing
P.Champions0-0Played myself yet again

League Leaders (sixth season):
Chintro: 1 kill (3rd tie)
Fang: 3 TDs (3rd tie)
Gore: 4 kills (1st), 120 blocks (1st)
Ramatut: 1 kill (3rd), 82 blocks (3rd)
Solanum: 15 TDs (1st), 674 yds rushing (1st)
Ended season with $2.9 million
SEVENTH SEASON: a lethal year for opponents
Game:Opponent:Score:My game stats:
1.Greenfield3-03 kills, 157 yds rushing
2.Darkside2-01 kill, 71 yds rushing
3.Creepers4-03 kills, 121 yds rushing, 4/4 for 46 yds passing
4.Elfheim2-01 kill, 89 yds rushing, 34 blocks
5.Greenfield4-03 kills, 157 rushing, 2/2 passing
6.Darkside0-21 kill, 96 yds rushing, 0/4 passing
7.Creepers4-092 yds rushing, 52 blocks, 3/4 for 49 yds passing
8.Elfheim4-01 kill, 146 yds rushing, 2 ints
P.Darkside2-01 kill, 142 yds rushing
P.Dwarf3-02/2 for 60 yds passing
P.Reikland3-01 kill, 132 yds rushing, 42 yd pass

League Leaders (seventh season):
Chintro: 5 kills (1st), 41 blocks
Fang: 7 TDs (1st tie), 139 yds rushing, 2 ints.
Gore: 115 blocks (1st), 4 kills (2nd)
Luthor: 364 yds rushing (3rd), 6 TDs (3rd tie), 2 kills (3rd tie)
Needle: 6 TDs (3rd tie)
Ramatut: 2 kills (3rd tie), 77 blocks (2nd)
Solanum: 385 yds rushing (1st), 7 TDs (1st tie)

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