The first-floor bathroom, before demolition

There's the heavy iron tub.

Where a sink is supposed to be.

Some shelves.

Now, rip it down to the studs!

First, you need to have a plan.

Tore down the wall to move the door.
Lath and old plaster are crap, I tell you.

Yanked out the 526 lbs tub.

It made it out to the kitchen
and was broken up by sledge hammer.

Installed a smaller window.
Built a second wall with insulation.
I don't like cold showers.

I passed my homeowners electrical exam.
Ran some new elect wires for lights and outlets.
But the inspector told me I had to re-do some stuff.

Putting down tile takes longer than it looks.
Forget about buying spacers, I just eyeballed them.

I installed a shower and set my toilet.
I made the mistake of starting the tile
at opposite ends of the room to meet in the middle.

The expensive plumber I hired set the sink.

I started the all-metal ceiling.

Post 2008 Flood

Rachel put down some sticky-tile squares.

I put up some shelves for lots of storage.


After 6 years I finally get a medicine cabinet.

Put up prettier shelves and fashionable baskets.

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