The front porch is 2 feet wide. Perfect for summer bar-b-q's.

At least the foundation is solid. Uh, sort of.

My swimming pool will open about June.
Look at the natural woodwork coming through the paint.

The garden needs some spading, and dynamite too.

The intricate design on the living room wall is mold. Yum.

The NW room will be a study with its excellent plaster...

and fine wood molding.

A nice dining room for future Thanksgiving dinners...

with out-of-date electrical plugs.

And the previous owners left me a healthy plant.

This will be Cal's office, after a little sweeping.

Solid laminated wood cabinets in the kitchen.
Guess I'll have to buy a stove.

But there is a refridgerator.
That fire estinquisher was 20 years old and dryed up.

And room for a dishwasher, if I had any dishes.

This cast-iron sewer pipe is well-place,
taking up space in a hallway.

This is the pantry. I better store only canned goods here.

The bathroom only needs a towel rack.
And a sink. And a vanity.

The upstairs hallway.
The insulation makes me feel warm and cozy.

I had to shoo some pigeons out of this room.

This will be the nursery for all my kids. Not!

I love that 70s flower wallpaper.

Look, it's Mr. Chimney.

A deep crawl space to store my comic books.

Where is my drywall trowel?

Call National Geographic.
My attic is home to three different species of bats.

Every basement needs a dirt floor for growing mushrooms.

Accomplished so far:

Pantry or Mudroom off the back door
The Kitchen was redone after the flood
First floor bathroom got done right away
Started on the Dining Room after the flood
French door room off the dining room
The Living Room or temporary bedroom for now
NW Room or study/office was interrupted by the flood
Got to work in the basement before starting upstairs

Second floor:
Small little laundry room
Dormer nook
A big master bedroom
and upstairs master bathroom

The exterior of the house
Outside yard work
Building the Garage took four summers

How the garage was built backwards

And then the Great Iowa Flood of 2008 occured.

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