Second Floor/Upstairs bathroom
or master bathroom

The upstair bathroom would go here.
Had to remove the short wall holding up the roof.

Put up a beam and put down painted OSB flooring.

Glued down linoleum.

Drywalled. Taped and mudded. Textured and painted walls.
Paint: Dutch Boy 312-2DB Tawny Bluff
Installed toilet and 6-gallon water heater.
No one wants to wait for hot water from a basement water heater.

The plumbing would go in the first-floor room below.

A small sink was all that would fit.
There is a southern window in the next room behind the glass block
that should let in some light.

Cubby holes above the sink for storage.

Soldered together some 3/4 copper pipe for a shower curtain rod.

Installed door and trim.

Trimmed out storage boxes above sink. Built vanity.
Installed lights, mirror, towel rings.
My mom bought fancy crap for the upper boxes.

Big shelves and curtains.

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