Building the garage: Summers of 2006, 07, 08, and 09

Summer 2006 - Cement foundation

The back of the yard had the remains
ie. old concrete foundations of ancient garage.

I had to use a shovel, sledgehammer, crowbar,
tow chain and my old truck to get them out.

Then I rented one of these ...

... to flatten out the area.

Bought some 2x12 for forms.

They ran fairly straight.

Dropped in some L-bolts and re-bar.

With the help of my dad and brother ...

... and $360 later, I had concrete walls.

My cousin Andrew helped us pour the floor.

Fall 2006 - Framing the roof

I built a frame on the ground ...

... so I could build the garage roof there.

Pops lays down some plywood.
Winter came before I finished the roof section.

Summer 2007 - Build walls and put the roof on

In August I finished all the rafters and roof
and finally started on framing the garage walls.

Mid September 2007 I finished the walls.
I made alot of trips to Menards for 2x4s.

Then spent two weeks bracing the roof
so a crane could pick it up.
The hole is for 1 of 4 crane cables.

October 4, 2007, the crane set the roof on the walls.
I would say it was about a 95 percent fit.

The first row of shingles went up the first of November, 2007.
Cover it all with tarps and try to finish next summer.

Summer 2008 - Flood delays, finish roofing

So, the great flood delayed me finishing the garage.
I paid Mr. Schneekloth to help get it roofed.
Even got one garage door put on.
Put on house wrap because God-knows-when I'll get it sided.

Both sides of the garage have a built in ladder to the loft.

My Uncle Tom and Sue slapped up some 4x8 siding.
A few friends did some of the painting.

Finished the hayloft door and a dormer.

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