Living Room

The living room starts out as the tool room.
A new steel door keeps out the looters.

Winter of 2010-11 I set out to finish this room.
Starts with tearing up and storing the old hardwood floors.
A putting down a painted sub-floor.

Build a second stud and insulation wall over the exterior walls.

A quick mud and tape job.

Put up a wood-veneer ceiling.

The living room is my temporary bedroom until I finish the upstairs.

2017-2018 Finish the living room

Finish taping and texture with wet plaster and paint roller.

Paint ceiling and put up a faux tiffany light
with a ceiling medallion with gold highlights.

Install crown molding and trim on ceiling seams.

Experiment with glaze and paint of the same color but different hues.

After I figured out what to do
it took me hours and hours to get it all done.

Trim doors, carpet, and decorate.

Damn it. The window treatment covers up the
original window trim I paid $90 to have stripped/refinished.

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