Installing an unconventional
undermount sink

Adding an undermount sink to your kitchen counter
will cost you at least an extra $500 - $1,000.
Here is how to do it for $150.

Buy an undermount sink somewhere.
I got mine online from for around $100.

Put down lots of tape so your saw does not chip up the countertop.
Use the provided template.

Don't make the mistake I did.
Cut your hole a little smaller.
Note the double-thickness of the counter.
I glued and screwed some 1x4 MDF to the underside
to make the countertop thicker.

Use wood filler and sand smooth the inside cut edge.
Then put on several coats of tough deck/porch or basement paint.
Hopefully it will last.

I did not trust the clips that came with the sink.
So I drilled my own holes for some screws.

Chalk the edge and press the sink up into place.

I built a little 2x4 brace to hold the sink in place.
I left the brace there. It did not take up much room.

From underneath, screw in some large-head screws
that are not longer than the thickness of your countertop.

Drill holes and install your faucet and sprayer.
I made all four holes equal distance from each other.
My mistake. The sprayer is too close to the right/cold handle.

Put down sticky tiles under the sink.

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