Outside yard work 2006

I wanted to raise the grade of the yard.
And under the addition (pantry) was untreated wood.
Tore it off and pound in some re-bar.

It looks okay from a distance.
The foundation was cracked so hopefully this will tie it together.

Tore out some old concrete
and put down fabric and gravel.

I wanted to make sure rain water was never a problem.
So I started my trench.

And when way out into the yard.

Then comes fabric, plastic tile, and gravel.

And bury it all.

Made it around the west side.

And out the front, where the house is sinking.

Like a boat, less water might stop the sinking.

Post 2008 Flood

2009 crop: Sweet corn, green bell peppers,
green beans, tomatoes, basil, and jalepenos.

In the low part of my back yard I filled it in with
old concrete, plaster, etc. that I did not want to haul away.
I called it my Debris Field.

The Spring of 2010, I paid to have 10 tons of dirt dumped back there.
Used a wheelbarrow and shovel to spread it around.

Threw down some grass seed and watered it daily.

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