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Oops 1

Oops was one of my few original comics. All the heroes were from toys I had. The leader, Shield, was some green alien toy with a wheel from Micron (Micronauts robot). Lead Bowler was a Fat Albert toy. Bizerk Beagle was a Snoopy toy and his Super Speeder was a sand speeder from Star Wars. Sadly, I cannot find my first issue of Oops, so instead I just have a poster I did.
Oops 2

In the second issue of Oops they fight an all-female super villain group. This pre-dates the Spice girls by a decade at least. Their hide out with crazy game rooms is a rip-off of the great Arcade stories in Marvel-Team Up 66 and X-Men 123-124. Of course, Marvel probably got Arcade's Murder World from the James Bond movie Man With The Golden Gun.
Oops 3

Double-feature. The conclusion of the Oops battle with the Fantastic Females and their boss Dr Cockroach. Dr Cockroach is a rip-off of an obscure Spidey villain, Swarm. And Quack Lee, cross between Bruce Lee and Howard the Duck, joins the Oops. But even odder is the second story, a parody of Twas The Night Before Christmas. I guess if I thought I was a legit comic publisher then I had to have a christmas special. That tiny Ziggy character in Oops 2 and 3 is just an embarrassment.

Concept art of a super hero group. Lots of rip-offs. Vindicator, Thor, and Wasp rip-offs. Even an X-Men Banshee rip-off. And there is the villain Lead who would show up in my Skill comic. Some others would appear in the Sentinels.

My first attempt at a serious super hero group book. Page one references Robin Hood. The Sentinals abound with rip-offs: Daredevil, Phoenix, Dazzler. A Zorro guy although page 1 lists him as Samurai. Then there is Diamond Man, who might be related to Diamond Fist, the Kingpin rip-off bad guy of this comic. We will never know because this unfinished comic only made it to page 7.

He is a Daredevil rip-off in all white. I thought up a hero with a cool "S" on his chest, and so was created Skill. The cover lists "82" so I would have been 13 when I started the comic. My artwork certainly peaked here, with all the details in the muscles and background, and shading, and using depth with a foreground and background.
Skill sketch book

Before there was the Skill comic there was the Skill concept sketches. You can see how he was based off the letter S. Steel is in here, who would appear later in Force Five. There is even a mock-up for the cover of the Skill comic.
Force Five

Another group book featuring my guy Skill, a rip-off of Vindicator from Alpha Flight, A strong black guy named Steel, and two buxom double-D ladies. They fight some sort of rip-off of the villains Grey Gargoyle + Absorbing Man. I loved Byrne's run on Avengers and he had both those villains in there. This comic is finished, because it was plenty short at only five pages. With decent artwork either this comic or Skill was the last super hero comic book I ever drew.
random covers and unfinished comics

More rip-offs. DC's the Creeper, Micronauts, the movie Dragon Slayer. And the start of a comic with Zorro and Samurai from earlier comics. I can see them being together since I loved comics like Marvel's Team-up and Power Man + Iron Fist.
Agent Warp

I was big into drawing space ship diagrams so this character must have come out of that. He has huge boots taken from Micronauts Acroyear. It appears I started two versions of the same comic, and like most comics, I finished neither. Also added is some concept art of a funny space ace character with Nike shoes.
Wasp Man

Wasp Man came out of some doodling. I wanted to make a super hero whose eyes were a figure 8 laying on its site. Thus was born, Wasp Man. He certainly looks like a rip-off of the Spidey villain, the Fly, but alas he is not. What he is, is full of humor. Wasp Man acts alot like Deadpool. Cheeky humor and kicking butt.

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