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Mike and Jeff fight the Russian Revolution

In the mid-80s Marion High School hired a russian-language teacher, Kenan Virlee. He was great. All the students loved him. He had some odd sayings and many of them are in this unfinished comic.
Captain Junk and Trash

I made an RPG of the same name. A rip-off of Batman and Robin. The player had two characters to control, Captain and Trash and a base with various vehicles. The mission was to invade the bad guy HQ and put the kabosh on them. A college roommate of mine actually played it and I kept track of his progress. This comic book is his game, blow by blow.
Football hero Sammy Sperm

Wow, it doesn't get much more embarrassing than this. I was obviously bored in biology class and came up with this travesty. Sperms vs the Ovums in Uterus Stadium. I hope the Sperms lose. No one wants to see a teenage pregnancy.
Cahalan's GI Joe

Sometime in college I visited my cousins, Chris and Ryan, in Mason City and we played a turn-based strategy game based on GI Joe. We took their toys and made up some quick rules and played. I wrote down what happened and, like Captain Junk, made a humorous comic based on the events of the game.
Adventures of Mak and Professor Berger and Wags

After a twenty year hiatus ... a recent comic book. A parody starring Mak and Professor Berger and his dog Wags. Nearly every page has witty commentary. The villain of the adventure is ... ? A satirical comic loosely based on the board game Ticket to Ride. Jon is an artist with his own web page Mr. Jon P. Berger Mak is Jon's fictional annoying girl friend and Wags is a dog. The portrayals and script of every person in this comic is purely imaginary and not endorsed by any of the real persons.

Page 1 elementary comics - Page 2 junior high comics - Page 3 HS + college comics

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