The Kitchen

I took down some ceiling tiles
and it snowballed into tearing down
the wood and plaster ceiling above that.

I got so dirty that I had to wash my hair twice
and my clothes were so bad I even had to wash my belt.

Brad's wife got me a good deal on an oven
and I installed an oven hood from the Restore store.

Post 2008 Flood

Put in a cantilever which enabled me to widen the stairs landing.

The old weak 1x8 stairs were replaced
by much stronger stairs made of 2x12s.

Built a second wall in front of the exterior wall.

Put up drywall, beadboard ceiling,
and huge beam to support the room above.

Brad and I slapped / trowelled on some plaster to give the wall texture.

Put in an 8x8 glass block for more natural light.
I should have done this before I put up the drywall.

Installed the upper cabinets all by myself.
That was fun.
Holding them up in place with one hand,
trying to screw them in with the other.

Ran some plumbing behind the base cabinets for the mudroom.

A month after I ordered them, the countertops show up.

I should have measured twice.
The $1,000 refrigerator was a very, very tight fit.

Cal bought a dishwasher. WTF?
And got a nice Amana smooth-top oven.
Started building a custom hood above the oven.

Put up matching brushed-nickel lights.
That is some useful dryed basil
hanging from that useless sailboat decoration.

Finally got a table and chairs that kinda match the cupboards.

Wanna save several hundred $ dollars $ by installing your own
Undermount sink

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